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Chorlton Green conservation area and its history

Chorlton village is a desirable area of Greater Manchester which sits just 20 minutes drive from the city centre. It brings all the comforts of village living while being deeply involved in city life. Chorlton Green in particular is a Conservation Area that features many architectural styles and is the last remaining vestige of the original village: Chorlton Green was one of the first to be designated a Conservation Area within Greater Manchester during the 1970s.

Chorlton Green is a very small Conservation Area and yet the style and material of buildings varies considerably.

While the area has a deep history going as far back as the Saxons, Chorlton doesn’t feature many original structures and buildings continued to be replaced until around the late 19th and early 20th century. The area includes many historic buildings that sadly have little record of date and have since been renovated. One example is the Horse and Jockey pub which has records dating back to 1512 though there’s little structural evidence to support it and some additional structural work was completed as late as 1908.

Chorlton, which once had a strong agricultural past, now has only two farmhouses remaining. One of these is Higginbottom Farmhouse, a Grade II Listed Building, located within the Chorlton Green Conservation Area. Built in the early part of the 19th century, it is a red brick Georgian house with two windows on each of the two floors and is a highly valued piece of architectural heritage.

Sash windows Chorlton

The window styles of Chorlton’s properties feature an eclectic mix architectural styles. Window frames tend to consist of timber. Some contain projecting bay windows, others oriel windows which feature in the area with sash. Such diversity of architectural style simply adds to the character of the area.

The edges of Chorlton Green Conservation Area in particular contain a wide range of townhouses varying across many architectural eras. These include Georgian and Edwardian style buildings and display many external features connected with these periods, such as the windows. Since construction, many windows have been replaced and fitted with hinged windows, however many traditional sash and casement windows are still present within the area.

A gradual investment in infrastructure over the last 200 years saw the growth of Chorlton. This first began with a horse-drawn carriage service into the city centre in the late 19th century, which then developed into a London Midland railway station. More recently the Metrolink tram service has come to Chorlton as it makes its way across Greater Manchester, developing Chorlton into the characterful area of Greater Manchester we know today.

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